There’s One Big Way You Can Increase Your Revenue

There’s One Big Way You Can Increase Your Revenue

Almost every business owner knows they need to be constantly increasing their revenue if they want to stay in business.

But what’s the best way to do that?

Many people would say it’s by reducing costs. And while that’s important, there’s one big way you can increase your revenue that is often overlooked: financial awareness.

As any savvy business owner knows, it’s not enough to simply focus on growing your product and services – you also need to clearly understand what your accountant is talking about each quarter!

A lot of business owners find themselves in a rather frustrating situation where they’re nodding their heads, smiling and pretending they understand while their accountant rambles on – when in reality, they don’t have a clue. Does this sound familiar?

Accounting and financials can be a tricky concept to grasp.

But here’s the thing – you need to understand this stuff!

You see, if you take the time to understand your finances, it will pay off in the long run. You’ll not only be able to make better decisions, but you’ll also gain confidence and clarity around your business’s financials that will give you the edge over competitors who haven’t taken the time to understand their own finances.

Andrew’s story of how he increased his revenue by taking the time to understand his finances is a perfect example of this.

Andrew had been in business for several years, and while successful in the eyes of everyone around him, he knew that his business’s success was mainly due to his jam-packed days and almost non-stop work.

It wasn’t his fault, he had gotten into business because he was good at what he did – he wanted to reap the rewards of all his hard work instead of letting someone else cash in on it.

In our first session, it became clear he didn’t have the first clue about the basic financial terms. He was completely lost when it came to an understanding his income and expenses, which meant he didn’t have a clear idea of where his money was coming from or going.

Andrew had grown accustomed to gauging his business’ success by the amount in his bank account.

After all, if his bank account was growing, it must mean his business was doing well, right?

Wrong, as it turned out.

Admittedly, it’s easy to understand why Andrew adopted such an approach – he was too busy doing what he did best to spend the time understanding his finances.

But, alas, what he had yet to realise was that by doing this he was trapping himself in short-term thinking.

Not only did it stunt his business’ growth potential, but it meant that he was taking more out of the company than it could actually afford!

But after investing in our Financial Awareness Coaching program, Andrew quickly came to understand the importance of understanding his finances. Better yet, in our quarterly meetings, he was able to ask questions and get answers that he understood!

He was amazed when we showed him how, by taking the time to understand his finances, he could increase his revenue significantly.

The result? Well, after just a few months of investing in Financial Awareness Coaching, Andrew was able to increase his income by almost 25%

Andrew’s story is just one example of what’s possible when you take the time to understand your numbers.

We’d love to help you do the same – so why not get in touch and let’s start a conversation? We promise it will be worth it!


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