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Take the time to listen

We want to understand where your challenges lie so we can help you overcome them.

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Our team counts your wins as our own and looks forward to celebrating the milestones with you.

‘Kick in the pants’ guarantee

Insight CA offers coaching as well as accounting and won’t hold back from having difficult conversations with you.

Use simple language

Jargon is a barrier to understanding and it’s something that we just don’t use.

Help you keep score

What gets measured improves. Track your business progress with us so you can identify the fastest ways to grow.


We’ll keep your business connected with the latest and best productivity-enhancing technology.

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Meet the leadership team

Murray Phillips

Founder, Author, Chartered Accoutant & Business Advisor

Meet Murray, your ultimate business catalyst. With over three decades of experience as a seasoned Business Advisor and Chartered Accountant, Murray specialises in reigniting success in businesses like yours.

His innovative perspective, honed through diverse challenges, positions him as the go-to guru for transformative growth.

But here’s the kicker – Murray doesn’t just give advice; he dives in, ensuring tangible results with his quick wit and sharp intellect.

Trust Murray to keep you engaged and motivated while relentlessly focusing on your bottom line. He’s your strategic ally on the road to unparalleled business success.

Claire Smeath

Practice Manager

Meet Claire, the powerhouse behind our company. As the administrator of our back-office infrastructure, Claire runs the show with effortless finesse.

Yes, you read that correctly – she’s the one who keeps everything humming along seamlessly. But her influence extends well beyond operational wizardry.

Claire also lends her expertise to your bookkeeping, ensuring your finances are meticulously organised and in top shape.

With her sharp wit and quick humour, Claire keeps the team on their toes and infuses every day with a delightful dose of fun. Claire isn’t just the backbone; she’s the spirited heart of our organisation.

Simone Flores

Administrative Support

Simone’s administrative support is the backbone of our operational excellence.

Simone is the custodian of our schedules, the gatekeeper of our resources, and the solver of countless logistical puzzles.

But her support goes beyond mere logistics. Simone’s proactive approach anticipates needs and streamlines processes, making everyone’s job easier. She’s the go-to person for troubleshooting and finding solutions when challenges arise.

Simone’s administrative prowess is not just a support function; it’s a strategic asset that helps us navigate the complexities of our work with finesse and confidence. She’s the steady hand that guides us through the daily whirlwind of tasks, ensuring that our team’s potential is maximised.