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7 Cybersecurity Myths That Make You Vulnerable

7 Cybersecurity Myths That Make You Vulnerable

Cybersecurity is one of those things we sometimes read about, but don’t do much about.


After all, it’s invisible, phantom like in nature and hard to pick up so why would we. You manage what you see, what’s in front of you not what operates in silence, unseen and unheard. That sort of activity takes you by surprise because you can’t see who’s doing it or what they are doing. You don’t expect it and you don’t understand why someone would target you, nor do you understand the real impact until things start to go wrong, systems shut down, data gets corrupted and your normal day or week is turned upside down.

There are several popular myths about cybersecurity that make it harder to appreciate the need to protect yourself. Let’s bust some of them.

Our business is small, so we are not a target.

It is true that small businesses have less of value than larger businesses. Quite often too they have little or no protection from cyber attack, which unfortunately makes them easy targets. Easy targets are a way of getting to harder targets or to a wider audience. The more easy targets that are accessible, potentially the bigger the impact and disruption.  (more…)