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7 Cybersecurity Myths That Make You Vulnerable

7 Cybersecurity Myths That Make You Vulnerable

Cybersecurity is one of those things we sometimes read about, but don’t do much about.


After all, it’s invisible, phantom like in nature and hard to pick up so why would we. You manage what you see, what’s in front of you not what operates in silence, unseen and unheard. That sort of activity takes you by surprise because you can’t see who’s doing it or what they are doing. You don’t expect it and you don’t understand why someone would target you, nor do you understand the real impact until things start to go wrong, systems shut down, data gets corrupted and your normal day or week is turned upside down.

There are several popular myths about cybersecurity that make it harder to appreciate the need to protect yourself. Let’s bust some of them.

Our business is small, so we are not a target.

It is true that small businesses have less of value than larger businesses. Quite often too they have little or no protection from cyber attack, which unfortunately makes them easy targets. Easy targets are a way of getting to harder targets or to a wider audience. The more easy targets that are accessible, potentially the bigger the impact and disruption.  (more…)

Why using a Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) makes sense!

Why using a Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) makes sense!

It’s challenging enough being a business owner, even more so when you’re having to deal with endless issues day after day, or trying to grow or even start your business, or simply trying to survive through tougher times.

Dealing with everything that is going on in your business can be a burden, is quite often time consuming, and something that some owners struggle with and understandably so.

Not everyone is good at everything or has the time to focus on all aspects of a business and do it well. You got into business in the first place because you were good at what you do and wanted to make something of it, but running a business quite often involves a lot more.

Most business owners quickly build a support network around them that includes lawyers and accountants, insurance brokers and bankers, to use as and when they are needed.

You may even have a book keeper too to handle the accounts and administration, a time consuming but important function.

But what about support around making key business decisions, about making changes to your business, about exploring new investment opportunities or deciding how to improve business performance and profitability.

Some accountants can take up that responsibility, but not all. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, I mean that from the perspective of being able to do it when you want it done, not when they can free up time to do it, i.e. they work to your schedule, not you to theirs. (more…)

How cloud technology can help you.

cloud technology

Cloud technology has become a highly demanded service or utility due to the advantages of high computing power, cheap cost of services, high performance, scalability, accessibility as well as availability.


Competitive Advantage

With the inclusion of smart, relevant and efficient systems, quite often the right mix of people, systems and processes, can create greater customer value and a competitive advantage for businesses over their competitors. With that opportunity in mind, it becomes a strategic decision to embrace technology in parts of your business where it can make a difference. For small businesses, the affordability of cloud technology allows them the luxury of smart efficient systems that in the past were reserved for only larger businesses.

Areas where cloud technology could benefit your business!

Accounting – Stock management – Job management – CRM – Data management – Communication-