Employment changes impacting your business from April 1

Employment changes impacting your business from April 1

There are a number of changes coming into effect from April 1 2016 that you should make yourself aware of.

First of all there is a change in the Minimum wage rate. The minimum wage will increase from $14.75 to $15.25 per hour. Training and new entrants’ minimum wages will increase from $11.80 to $12.20 per hour.

Secondly – Changes to the Employment Standards Legislation Bill. Some important changes to the employment statutes including extending parental leave, spearing zero hour contracts and strengthening compliance with minimum employment standards. Check employment records are comprehensive and employment agreements comply with the standards.

Parental Leave.

The range of people that qualify for parental leave has been extended from April 1. Certain casual workers and seasonal workers, employees with more than one employee, and those that have recently changed jobs will have the opportunity to access paid parental leave which is up to 18 weeks from 1 April onwards. The Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act will also extend to a wider range of primary carers than biological or formal adoptive parents.

Employees on paid leave will be able to take “keeping in touch” days, enabling them to work limited hours during their paid leave period.

Zero hours contracts and other restrictions.

Employers now won’t be able to:-

  • expect employees to be available to work without guaranteeing hours or paying reasonable compensation
  • cancel a shift without giving employees reasonable notice and reasonable compensation, both of which must be set out in an employment agreement
  • make unreasonable deductions from wages
  • unreasonably restrict an employee’s secondary employment

Enforcing minimum employment standards.

Changes come into force from April 1 include provisions that ensure employers are required to pay at least minimum wages and give employees their proper holiday entitlements. Enforcement measures include a new infringement notice regime, clearer record-keeping requirements, and tougher sanctions for serious breaches such as exploitation

Employers should check employment records to ensure they are comprehensive and that employment agreements comply with the standards.

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