Ways We Work With You

Your Journey With Us

Ways We Work With You
As a business owner and entrepreneur, you don’t want a typical accountant who only meets with you once a year at tax time. That’s not a relationship. That’s a transaction.


As your business advisors we guide you on a journey that begins with helping you clarify where you are now and where you want to take your business. This 5-step process is focused squarely on allowing you to control your own destiny.

So let’s begin with the end in mind…


Before we can help you achieve your goals, we need to know what they are. That’s why we work so closely with our clients: so we learn as much about you and your business as possible. You need to feel comfortable in sharing with us your dreams and aspirations as well as your uncertainties and challenges. That can only happen when we take the time to listen to you. That’s what this step is all about.

We’ll also ask you questions to help you work out very clearly what your goals are—whether that’s to build your personal wealth, start a new business or grow your existing one; or to ensure a solid foundation for your children by leaving a legacy for them.

Once we know what you want to achieve, we can support and guide you in the achievement of your goals. Which is where the next step comes in…


To run a business successfully you need to track a myriad of numbers—cash flow, revenue, expenses, profit margins, salaries, leads, conversion rates, average transaction values and so on. For most business owners, it’s not always easy to pull all these numbers together in a way that’s easy to see at a glance, and easy to understand.

We live and breathe numbers here at Insight CA, so we can help you pull them all together and make sense of them. We’ll show you the numbers you need to track, how to track them, and what they’re telling you.

At the end of the day, the purpose of tracking your numbers is to help you make better decisions. To give you peace of mind knowing you are on track to achieve this month’s, this quarter’s and this year’s targets.

We’ll show you how to stay on top of your numbers and to understand them to a new level of depth and insight.

Having clearly established and tracked your baseline numbers, then you’re ready for…


By getting to know you and your business in depth, we’re in a position to help you improve it based not just on the data but by drawing on our 30+ years of experience in managing and advising businesses.

You will love that fact that, at last, there is someone other than you thinking about your business. Someone who can take a fresh perspective and offer new insights: Ideas, suggestions, strategies and systems for improving business performance.

We know what it’s like. Sometimes in a business it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. You’re busy in the day-to-day operations of your business and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture; of whether you are on track to achieve what you got into business for in the first place.

We’ll look at your business processes and identify what can be eliminated, delegated or automated to free up as much of your time and resources as possible. You’ll have more time to work ON your business once you’re freed of the many IN-the-business activities that you currently do.

Once your business has streamlined efficient processes, and you’ve freed yourself up to work on the business more, you’re faced with a challenge you will be glad to have…


A growing business is exciting to have, but it also presents a different set of challenges. These need to be managed otherwise it’s possible to ‘grow broke’. A growing business is hungry for resources and cash. As sales grow, more inputs are needed, more people, and even better processes to handle higher volumes.

We’ll guide and support you through your business growth phase to keep your business on an even keel. You can lean on us for important decisions such as taking on new premises, hiring staff, investing in equipment and so on. You’ll come to treat us as a business partner and sounding board on all your important business decisions. (And because we don’t charge extra for taking your calls—unlike many accounting firms—you can feel confident you can just pick up the phone and ask us questions about any aspect of your business.)

This will lighten your load and give you greater certainty as you navigate your business towards its end goal, which leads us to…


As an entrepreneur you are the captain of your own destiny. But that means you need to know where you’re sailing the ship, when you plan to arrive at your destination and whether you are on course.

We understand that your business is a means to an end. You gain a great sense of satisfaction from building a successful business and substantial investment portfolio, but there are more important things in life.

Like family. Like taking time to be with your loved ones. Being able to have great holidays. Being able to choose where you live, schools, healthcare and other important aspects in life and not be constrained due to finances.

That’s why being crystal clear on your end game is vital.

Do you plan to sell your business? Or list it on the stock exchange? Or have a family member or business partner take it over? Or keep it long-term as a cash cow that you continue to own and control, but no longer work in?

All of these options are available to you. We’ll get you 100% clear on your end game and then help you achieve it.

We all have a destiny. It’s best to decide yourself what it will be.