Grow your business with the CFO Program from Insight CA (Auckland)

CFO Program

CFO Program

Purpose of the CFO Program Services

The CFO Program supports you on the critical financial elements of running a successful business, including growing sales, managing key operating costs, improving profit and cash flow.

The key objective of our CFO Program is to provide you with accurate financial information and reports in a timely and affordable way, so you can focus on growing your business.

We’ll help you to improve the financial performance of your business and reduce stress by accessing accurate, useful and real time financial information;

On top of that, you’ll get ongoing advice and support on how to reduce risk in your business, improve your profitability and cash flow.

You retain complete control over your business. We provide advice and guidance; we do not make decisions.

Elements of our CFO Program include:

Accurate Financial Reporting

You’ll get customised financial reports so you can accurately monitor the performance of your business.

Annual Budgeting and Forecasting

We will work with you to prepare an annual Profit and Loss and Cash Flow budget and forecast for the CFO Program period.

Benchmarking & KPI Analysis

You can access benchmarking and/or goal setting information to pin point your business strengths and weaknesses and use KPI ratio analysis to identify areas for improvement.

Regular Meetings

We will hold regular meetings (face to face or by Zoom), or conference calls to discuss:

  • Profit and Loss and Cash Flow results and variances;
  • Updating/amending your budget and forecasts
  • Key benchmarks, KPI and goals setting analysis;

Goals, Strategies & Action Plans

We will monitor and update your goals, strategies and actions plans to hold you and our practice accountable so you can achieve the desired outcomes for your business.

Key Outcomes

The Insight CA (Auckland) CFO Program provides an opportunity for you to spend time working ‘on’, not ‘in’ your business.

By spending time ‘on’ your business you’ll be able to make informed financial decisions on how to grow and improve the performance of your business.

To learn more about the program (and how it can help) contact Murray of Insight CA (Auckland) on 09-309-3222 or by email: