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Press Release: The Essential Tool For Starting and Growing A Successful Business

Press Release: The Essential Tool For Starting and Growing A Successful Business

Press Release: The Essential Tool For Starting and Growing A Successful Business

Are you sick of blindly feeling your way through daily business life?

The finances, the marketing and managing staff is hard enough, but then you actually have to get the work done as well. It can be difficult to keep your head above water, let alone grow your business to the point of success.

Or maybe you are just starting out and the thought of building a successful business overwhelms you.

Wish you could stop the confusion, the stress and the overwhelm right now?

You can.

You just need a copy of ‘Starting a Business, Growing a Business’, a brand new book packed full of actionable advice, released by Murray Phillips, a hugely influential financial expert.

Why ‘Starting a Business, Growing a Business?

Business is complex, and no two businesses are the same. However, all business owners tend to face struggles that keep them awake at night.

This is something that Murray has discovered during his illustrious career in finance. He knows that it is challenging to be a business owner as he is one himself. That is why he has poured his extensive knowledge into this book.

Running a business can be isolating. It can make you feel like you are stuck in a space where you do not know where to go for advice, let alone consider asking for expert advice.

But this value-packed book will give you the expert advice you need. It is targeted at anyone in business who wants to fully understand what it takes to build and run a successful business.

Take away the stress, remove the fear of failure, derive better outcomes, and create the work/lifestyle balance you deserve.

“Whether you are just starting out in business, finding your feet in the market or confidently growing; my intention in writing this book, is to offer small to medium business owners with forward-thinking advice. I strongly believe that quality information, produces quality decisions, which is the hallmark of ongoing business success.”


Who is Murray Phillips?


Murray has spent the majority of his working career in the position of Chief Financial Officer across a broad cross-section of SME industry sectors. He is the power and expertise behind Insight CA – his own Business Advisory and Accounting practice.

This experience has allowed him to garner a huge amount of knowledge on the keys to SME sustainability and success. Every business has the same fundamentals, but how they manoeuvre the journey is different.

Murray wants to equip every business owner with the understanding of key business principles so that they can thrive in whatever industry they choose, as well as enabling them to enjoy the things that are important to them.

So, if you would like to borrow Murray’s knowledge, expertise and experience, book a one-hour free consultation now and you will receive a copy of ‘Starting a Business, Growing a Business’.