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Property Sector Specialisation

Property Sector Advice

Property Sector Specialisation
Property Sector Specialisation

Property is another of our Extra Insight specialisations. As accountants and business advisors in the property sector we have hands-on business experience in each step of the value chain:

  • Property project marketing
  • Property sales and contractual documentation (investment property)
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Property management of investment properties

Murray Phillips, Insight Partner, has extensive hands-on experience in the property sector. He believes it is important when you’re a service provider or supplier in the property game to remain cash flow positive.

Insight will help you develop the expertise to ensure:

  • Prompt invoicing and tight debtor management
  • Supplier costs are captured
  • Projects are managed and closely monitored
  • Labour resources are effectively managed and comply with WHS

With Insight’s assistance you can concentrate on what you’re best at.

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