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Extra Insight
With our 30+ years experience in advising businesses and our in-depth knowledge of how to improve business performance, we can help any business with its Accounting Insight, Business Insight or Business Transitions.

However, we have a number of passions—areas where our experience includes not just hands-on experience in advising these types of businesses, but experience in starting, running and selling them.

That’s entrepreneurial experience. ‘Skin in the game’, as they say. That’s not something you get from a typical accountant.

And it just makes sense to deal with specialists, doesn’t it. Generalists can only take you so far. Like when your G.P. doctor refers you on to a medical specialist to address a specific issue. Or when you want your new car serviced, you could send it to a general suburban mechanic that services all makes and models, or you could have it serviced by the dealership where they have the specific equipment, software and experience to service your specific make and model of car, precisely to the standards specified by the manufacturer.

You get a better result that way.

It’s the same with accountants and business advisors. It pays to use specialists.

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