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Business Transitions

Business Valuation & Restructuring

Business Transitions
Structures to protect assets, save tax and allow for growth

Buying or starting a business is an exciting time. It’s also fraught with risks. Thankfully, many risks can be reduced through a variety of vehicles such as company and trust structures. These can protect your family’s assets from business-associated risks, separate out risks to protect your business’ intellectual property (IP), and they can also help you legally minimise your tax.

As a business grows too, often its structures need to evolve with it. For example, a sole trader or partnership structure that might have been appropriate when a business first started can become too risky as a business grows its assets, employs staff, engages contractors and enters into various agreements with suppliers and customers. For example, imagine your business getting sued and you losing your family home because of that.

Smart structures protect you because they can avoid that happening.

Or sometimes a growing company needs to control various risks through the use of additional holding companies to protect their assets.

We also look at other aspects of restructuring such as your systems and the way you’re organised internally. As you grow you may need to look at more scalable internal structures and systems to cope with higher volumes as you expand into new markets, for example.

Another example where restructuring makes sense is where you want to have the option to sell off a portion of your business. There are ways you can structure your business to make that process easier so that, for example, your entire business does not have to be subjected to the due diligence process.

We’ll ensure your structures and operations are appropriate based on your current position and your future plans. We’ll outline options for you, explain the pro’s and con’s of each and then help you put them in place.

You’ll feel good knowing your assets are protected, you’re not wasting money paying unnecessary tax, and you’re structured with your end game in mind.

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Business Valuations
Know what price you should be offering—or can expect

You’re ready to become a business owner, and you’ve found one for sale that’s just what you’re looking for.

It seems like a bargain. But you’ve never bought a business like this before, so how can you be sure the price is fair?

And why are they selling the business? Is this deal as good as it appears to be on the surface? Or are there some hidden pitfalls you’re not being told?

We can take the uncertainty out of the process of knowing what a business is worth. We use proven and accepted business valuation methodologies based on helping you first uncover all the relevant facts during the due diligence process.

And if you’re selling your business, we’ll help you determine how much you should be asking for it. After all, you want the maximum benefit from all the hard work you’ve put in.

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Succession Planning
Ensuring your business will continue to prosper, after you exit

Planning a successful and profitable exit from your business is crucial, as explained above.

So is ensuring that everything you’ve worked so hard to build, continues to prosper after you leave. Business is not just about money, is it? It’s about achieving something worthwhile. Making your mark in the world. Helping others.

For these reasons, you want to be sure the transition goes smoothly and the business remains a great business for its new owner(s), its staff and its customers for years to come. You know it would be a crying shame to see the business deteriorate after your exit. Your dream should live on.

Depending on your intended exit option, there are various strategies and systems in place to ensure a smooth and effective ‘handing over of the reins’. There are also obviously legal documentation aspects such as contracts, warranties, shareholder notifications, minutes of meetings and many other details that need to be attended to, to ensure everything goes smoothly at the time of the transaction and in the years ahead.

Effective succession planning also minimises the disruption to the business, its employees and its customers.

And that reduces stress for everyone, including for you and your family.

If you’d like to have an initial obligation-free chat about your exit options and likely succession planning scenarios, get in touch and we’ll make a time to sit down with you over a coffee and step you through it.

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