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Accounting Insight

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Accounting Insight
Accounting and Compliance
Make the IRD an ally, not an enemy

You’re in business to achieve great things, not deal with accounting, tax and compliance matters. But the fact remains, these must all be dealt with accurately and on a timely basis.

We’ll help make the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) your ally, not your enemy. As an enemy, the IRD can be quite intimidating. You don’t need that stress in your life.

When you’re doing the right thing and consistently meeting all your compliance obligations, the IRD can be a great ally by being flexible when you hit tougher times.

We’ll keep you in the IRD’s good books by ensuring you consistently do the right thing and play by their rules. It’s too high a price to pay, to do business any other way.

We know what the IRD expects of business owners. We make sure you’re always up to date, always giving them what they want, by when they want it. This takes a load off your shoulders and allows you to focus on core business matters such as attracting more customers and looking after your existing ones.

You can kiss good-bye the days of feeling burdened or intimidated each time you have to deal with the IRD. We’ll be your buffer and safety net, keeping everything in good order, under control.

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Bookkeeping & Office Administration
Know exactly where your business is at, and leave the details to us

You know, staying in the IRD’s good books starts with your own books: Your bookkeeping. Keeping accurate, up to date books is a foundation—albeit not a very glamorous one—of all successful businesses. Without timely bookkeeping you don’t have the management data you need to make business decisions.

In fact, without good bookkeeping, you’re running blind. This puts your business at risk.

If the figures you’re looking at in a set of accounts are historical—weeks or even months old—clearly they’re not useful for running your business. You need real-time bookkeeping data that automatically pulls in transactions from your bank accounts and is reconciled and categorised into their correct ‘codes’ for your management reporting and tax calculations.

Our Bookkeeping & Office Administration service can handle for you, your:

  • Bank reconciliations — making sure everything’s up to date and accounted for
  • Accounts receivable — making sure you get paid promptly
  • Accounts payable — making sure you pay your bills on time and avoid penalties or added fees
  • Payroll — there’s nothing much more important than paying your team on time
  • Preparation and filing of GST returns and PAYE returns — we’ll handle all the paperwork for you
  • Documentation of your back office processes
  • Management Reporting — making it easy for you to see how your business is performing

We’ll set all that up for you—you will love being able to see exactly where your business is at financially at any time, from any device—and we’ll stay on top of reconciling and coding the transactions for you.

That will allow you to have confidence and clarity when making decisions relating to hiring, changing premises, investing in equipment, or spending money on your marketing. It also makes tax time a breeze for you. No last minute rush or stress. In fact, you’ll know your tax position months ahead of the end of financial year which allows us to advise you on ways you can save tens of thousands of dollars in tax.

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 Tax Management
Why pay a cent more tax than you have to

As they say, the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. And when you’re a successful business owner, the amount of tax you have to pay just seems to keep on growing.

But the good news is that there are a raft of totally legal and ethical tax management strategies available to you that can save you tens of thousands of dollars of tax each year.

Being able to take advantage of these tax saving strategies is one of the reasons it’s great to have your bookkeeping done for you and kept 100% up to date. You see, you cannot make the various tax planning decisions—such as deferring income (on paper) or bringing forward expenses (on paper)—after the end of financial year. You need to know these things two to three months ahead of time, so you can plan for them and make them happen, with our guidance.

You’ll enjoy your Tax Management consultations with us. As a successful business owner it’s a great feeling as you’re able to ‘pull the strings’ and make decisions that are helping you save tens of thousands of dollars, or more.

Cash is king in a business—you don’t pay staff or suppliers with profit, you pay them with cash—so it pays to conserve your cash with smart tax management strategies.

We’ll guide you.

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Trust Administration
Protect your assets, let us handle the admin details

Trusts are a great way to protect the assets of your family or group of companies. With this protection, however, comes a fair bit of paperwork and administration and it’s crucial to meet all the compliance obligations.

We can advise you on Trust formation and help determine whether it’s the right move for you at this point in time; and we can then handle all the administration requirements for you each year, freeing you from the burden of the paperwork.

Our Trust Administration service includes:

  • Liaising with your lawyer to prepare and execute the Trust Deed and other important documentation
  • Ensuring the Trust complies with the special requirements that apply to reporting for Trusts
  • Trust administration
  • Annual accounts and taxation
  • Asset management including investment monitoring
  • Beneficiary distribution

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Company Administration
Paperwork and compliance. Let us handle it for you.

Companies are often part of a smart structure for your business, but with companies come added administration you need to comply with. We can stay on top of these important details for you by taking care of:

  • Company formations
  • Filing company annual returns
  • Registration of your office facilities
  • Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions
  • Maintenance of statutory minute books
  • Managing changes in Directors, Shareholders, addresses and office details

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